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Hello everyone.

The blog has been pretty quiet for the past couple of weeks and I had had a little busy. Everyday life has begun a sickness of a trauma, where everything is so busy. My big girl started to be ill since the end of this September mr and almost soon to get up soon, but unfortunately it came again. My little girl was also ill, infected with sisters, but where is it hard with some sick children? I have bowed around disease, and therefore hard to get the time to get blogged.

During the weekend, take away food was ordered, I had a vegetarian rice without meat and fish, and while the girls got beef and chicken, (; <3 It tasted great too.

Then I had to buy a children’s sofa, but I really regret not to have taken extra, but my girls are not so much to share things so they turn it over. Net had only 1 purple while they had 2 blue, but unfortunately they only had 1 left. So I had to save it away and unfortunately have to say no until we get the second sofa. So we did not want to hear about their crying about sharing, even though they may well be difficult, but most of the big girl there is not much to share with sister. Hope it will come soon.

The host got better through the mask, and my big girl gets a mask every time she gets cough attacks and it helps with ease. But we may think she has asthmatic bronchitis 🙂

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